2016 vendors

Adirondack Cheese Co., Barneveld and Clinton, NY

ADK cheddarWe specialize in superb New York State cheddar, aged on-site from one to seven years–so you are sure to find the sharpness you like. We also offer an array of flavored white cheddars and 14 different cheddar spreads (from garlic & herb to port wine to sun-dried tomato & basil, and many more!), and “squeaky” cheese curd.

Beekman 1802, Sharon Springs, NY

2014_Beekman1802_TopShelfGraphicSignage-023The Beekman 1802 company was inspired by the historic Beekman 1802 Farm in Sharon Springs, and is the blood, sweat, and tears of Josh Kilmer-Purcell and his partner Dr. Brent Ridge. Originally just a weekend getaway from their hectic NYC lives, the farm became their lifeline after both men lost their jobs during the recession of 2008. Faced with possible foreclosure, the pair made a decision – if they were going to save their farm, they would have to make it profitable. After taking in a neighboring farmer and his herd of beloved dairy goats, they began producing soaps and cheese. As other neighbors taught them how to farm, Ridge and Kilmer-Purcell shared their city-honed skills – starting a website and Mercantile. The men began working with several other local farmers and artisans to market their goods, and the couple now champion the good and local products that the farmers of Upstate New York have to offer.

Beekman 1802 will be bringing their Blaak and chevre cheeses, drizzles, and sweet and savory jams to the festival.

Bobby McFlee’s Irish Beer Cheese, Herkimer, NY

Irish beer cheeseBy popular demand, the star cheese of The Great American Irish Festival comes to the Little Falls Cheese Festival! This special recipe is made from a variety of hard and soft cheeses blended with herbs, spices, and beer (you’ll notice horseradish, garlic, and a little kick of hot pepper). Needs refrigeration and still remains spreadable or dunkable—perfect for crackers, vegetables, and even spread on a burger or sandwich. The booth will also have stickers and magnets for your fridge or car…

Cheese and Dairy Society logoCheese and Dairy Society of New York, Arkville, NY

We are a non-profit whose goal is to unite farmstead and artisanal cheese and dairy makers of New York State. We provide a community for small farmers and producers to succeed in their businesses; we provide marketing solutions, representation at events, and educational events at our members facilities. We hope to create a community in New York in which agriculture, farming, and dairy production flourishes and eventually affects the greater agritourism of the state.

Cochran Farm 1790 Cheeses, St. Johnsville, NY

Cochran Farm's St. JohnsvilleThe cheesemaker, Patrick, is a French expat from the Poitou region who came to America a couple decades ago. In partnership with neighboring Amish farmers (including working closely with the development of the herd), he produces two Loire-Valley style goat’s milk cheeses.

The flagship St. Johnsville cheese is light ivory in color; its flavors evolve from buttery and mild when young to earthy, goaty, barnyardy, full-bodied-yet-still-creamy after a few weeks of ripening. Mohawk Mist is meltingly tender, milky and buttery, with just a hint of mild goat flavor and a slightly tangy finishing note.

CooperstownCooperstown Cheese Company, Cooperstown, NY, crafts a variety of artisanal raw-milk cheeses. America Cheese Society (ACS) award-winning Toma Celena (a nutty and rich Italian table cheese, hinting of toasted grains, apples and caramelized milk), Justine (half sheep’s milk, half cow’s milk), a classic aged English cheddar called Jersey Gold, and another ACS award-winner, Jersey Girl (flavorful, creamy curd cheese).


Damin Farm Jams and Jellies, St. Johnsville, NY

We hand-make delicious jams and jellies (peach, jalapeno, blackberry, raspberry, strawberry, elderberry and more), fresh and pickled garlic, sauerkraut (five kinds!), maple syrup, and more.

Danascara Artisan Cheese, Fonda, NY

DanascaraFarmstead fresh! Named for the creek that runs through our family farm, we offer a unique line of artisanal farmstead sheep’s milk cheeses. All of our products are made from fresh milk every 24-28 hours.

Danascara is a semi-hard cheese made from raw sheep’s milk and aged more than 60 days with a natural rind rubbed with cocoa and olive oil. A mild yet distinctive flavor. Mohawk Maenad is a spreadable cheese made from pasteurized sheep’s milk, similar to a fresh chevre, but even better! Sweet and versatile. We also make a traditional Greek-style feta, in crumbled form, from raw sheep’s milk and aged.

From the daily care of our flock to the meticulous affinage (aging) of the cheese, our passion and commitment is evident in the wholesome cheese delivered from our farm to your table.

Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Little Falls, NY

Festival-goers can get freezer bags for their day’s purchases at our booth.

We will also be offering bottled water, and vegetarian and chicken wrap sandwiches.

Farm Girl Vinegars of Sunnycrest Orchards, Sharon Springs, NY

Farm Girl VinegarHandmade, small-batch, all-natural aged artisanal vinegars. Made with Upstate New York apples, infused with locally grown berries and herbs as well as raw unfiltered honey. Wonderful for culinary purposes and many health benefits as well. Flavors include plain unfiltered apple, “fire cider” (includes ginger, horseradish, jalapeno, and more), black currant, honey, raspberry.

Fudge by Angels, Poland, NY

fudge by angelsYou’ve never had fudge this heavenly. Over 20 tantalizing flavors! Chocolate, chocolate coconut, chocolate orange, chocolate peanut butter, chocolate peppermint, chocolate walnut, peanut butter, peppermint, raspberry. Dark chocolate flavors include vanilla, vanilla chocolate, peanut butter, vanilla, caramel swirl, vanilla caramel, pecan swirl, vanilla orange…

Goats and Gourmets, Westerloo, NY

goats and gourmetsA farmstead goat dairy following true artisan tradition. A mix of LaMancha, Saanan, Oberhasli, and Alpine, our goats are considered part of the family. And you’ll feel like part of the family once you taste their cheeses! We craft small batches within minutes of milking and promise you the creamiest, most delicious goat cheese you can buy.

Our handcrafted cheese are made using pasteurized milk, natural ingredients, and contain no hormones or preservatives. Chevres (plain and flavored), goat milk feta, and more.

Grassy Cow Dairy, Remsen, NY

Grassy cowA squeak above the rest! Rich, creamy, squeaky cheese curd made fresh from our farm’s fresh dairy cow milk–natural, plus tasty flavors (including dilly garlic, buffalo, horseradish chive, tomato basil, and more). We also produce an aged farmstead cheese.

The ability for our cows to graze fresh Central New York grass every spring, summer, and fall is of utmost importance to the health and happiness of our cows. 100% of our quality milk products are made from milk from our own happy, healthy cows.

H.A.L.O. (Helping Animals Live Organization), Herkimer, NY

Offering for sale cold drinks for festival goers; all proceeds go to support our nonprofit organization.

Heartstone Artisan Bakery (of Alambria Springs Farm), Earlville, NY

alambria 2Very special wood-fired oven bread: we bake naturally fermented, all-natural extended fermentation sourdough breads and rolls. We use locally sourced organic grains and flours.


Herkimer County Dairy Promotion and Dairy Princess & Court, Richfield Springs, NY

The dairy princes and her court are the ambassadors to the dairy industry. They take part in a number of activities to help bridge the gap between dairy farmers and consumers. They strive to share the messages of a healthy, nutritious product, animal care, and environmental sustainability. The programs they support are Fuel-Up to Play 60, milklife, and Refuel with Chocolate Milk.

jakes gouda

Jake’s Gouda, Deansboro, NY
Promoting gouda goodness through local cheese!

We’re in the business of making people happy. The best way we know how? Make mind-blowingly good, locally processed gouda cheese. Smoked gouda, aged gouda, baby gouda, and much more. We use BST-free Holstein cow’s milk. Family owned and operated. Our aged gouda earned the 2015 Gold Medal at the NYS Fair and a plaquce making it the “best wine and cheese pairing”!

Jones Family FarmJones Family Farm, Herkimer, NY

We make artisan and farmhouse-style cheeses and yogurts in our state-inspected cheese plant. We have access to some of the best goat, sheep and cow milk in the Mohawk Valley, which means no limit to the variety of high-quality dairy products we can make.

Chevre, feta, cheddar, mold-ripened, “drunken goat,” Manchego-style, even lowly cream cheese is better when produced in your own backyard.

We also make gelatos and sorbets, using nothing but whole milk and simple ingredients. Our line of goat, cow, and sheep milk gelatos and dairy-free sorbets are flavorful and refreshing.

We partner with local producers whenever possible and specialize in seasonal varieties.

Kriemhild Creamery, Hamilton, NY

butterSample our delicious sweet-cream pasture butter from our grass-fed cows; we will be selling it in half-pints and pints. We’re also bringing for sale handmade hardwood cutting boards and serving trays.

Le Marais Chocolat, Cooperstown, NY

le marais

We use all-organic, local, and free-trade ingredients to offer a wide range of French delicacies, including: cheesecakes, made-to-order crepes, chocolate truffles, French macarons, French-style breads, gluten-free and vegan pastries, tarts, and more!


Mean Dawg’11755776_855774114507361_1042691268358853488_ns Mustard, Leonardsville, NY

Don’t let the name mislead you. “Dawg” can be considered a term of endearment or has the meaning of friend in certain parts of the country. That’s why it’s sizzlin’ sweet and not HOT!

We make the best sweet specialty mustard, and we are not shy about it. It is high-quality, food-friendly, and ready for consumption.

Mohawk Drumlin Creamery, St. Johnsville, NY

Mohawk Drumlin new logoWe are a “Grade A” sheep dairy—from ewe to you!—offering aged sheep’s milk cheeses and sheep’s milk yogurt. Our flagship cheese is “Toma-Hawk.” Cave aged. Our yogurt is packaged in glass jars; it’s cup-set, thick, mild, and custardy. Available in Plain, Honey-Vanilla and Maple. Maple syrup is from local new season’s sugaring, and Honey is from bees that forage on our own farm.

Mohawk Valley Center for the Arts, Little Falls, NY

PF0A1893Everything at our festival booth is the work of local and regional artists. We will offer handcrafted wooden cheese boards, glassware and bowls, serving utensils, cutlery, dipping dishes and more.We will also have cards including selections by Deirdre Turner (the Cheese Festival’s artwork and more).


Mom & Pop’s Homestyle Specialty Foods, Little Falls, NY

Mom & Pop'sFresh and super-tasty gourmet popcorn, packed in bags for snacking, travel, gifts: cheddar cheese, parmesan-garlic, and much more.


Mountain View Dairy, Richfield Springs, NY

Mountain View DairySuperlative farmstead raw milk cheeses, made from 100% grass-fedMountain View's factory cows–no grain, no hormones, no pesticides, no antibiotics. Choose from Cheddar, Jarlsberg, Emmentaler, and more.

Brought to you by an Amish family, the Bylers, who moved to Central New York from Ohio.

Mr. Nutty, Fayetteville, NY

Delicious nuts roasted on-site! Cinnamon-roasted pecans, almonds, cashews, and peanuts.

Muranda Cheese Co., Waterloo, NY

muranda-cheese-products-home-header-image-1000x395Our family takes pride in producing a quality raw-milk artisan cheese from our award-winning, grazing Holstein dairy cows. Among our offerings: Colby, Red Buddy (by far our most popular, a combination of swiss and cheddar; it pairs wonderfully with red wines, hence its name), Aged British Cheddar, Mature British Cheddar, Bel Ciello (an asiago-provolone blend), Gotcha Gouda, Checkerboard Cheddar, various flavored cheddars, and creamy Muranda Blue Cheese.

The Mustard Seed, Little Falls, NY

julie and gailmustard seed logoHandcrafted herbal mixes and spice blends. Herbal dip mixes and spice blends, lavender products and herbal bath, homekeeping and body products! All handmade in Little Falls. “Whimsy and spice and everything nice!”


NYS Cheesemakers Guild logoNew York State Farmstead & Artisan Cheesemakers Guild, Delhi, NY

We will be showcasing our members, most of whom are based in New York State. In particular, we will be sampling and selling cheeses from our following members: Mark Harvey’s Maidens Creamery (aged goat’s-milk cheese), Betty Acres (a variety of cow’s-milk cheeses, both fresh and aged), Brovetto’s Cheese House (their well-known Tilsit-style cheese), and Sherman Hill Farmstead (a variety of goat’s milk cheese, both fresh and aged).

We will also be offering educational information on preparing a cheese board, cheesemaking, and other fun cheese, dairy, and NYS information. We are a nonprofit organization, organized in 2003 to foster a strong and vibrant cheese-making sector in the state to support its growth.

North Country Creamery, Keeseville, NY

North Country CreameryWe are a 100% grassfed, Non-GMO, & Animal Welfare Approved dairy. We produce and sell an array of farmstead cheeses and creamline yogurts.

All of our products are made exclusively with the fresh milk from our Milking Shorthorn and Jersey cows, and other ingredients are limited to cultures, local herbs, maple syrup & organic extracts–no added colors or stabilizers.

Fresh cheeses: fromage blanc ‘Cheeseville’, feta, farmer’s cheese. Semi-aged cheeses: Camembert, Havarti. Aged cheeses: Gouda, Tomme, Alpine.Yogurts: plain, maple, lemon, vanilla, and more.

Original Herkimer County Cheese, Ilion, NY

HerkimerArtisan cheeses since 1949–we are a 3rd-generation family-owned and operated business. We will be selling a selection of our popular cheese spreads, including Chutter®–“it’s cheddar that spreads like butter”! Our premium cheese balls and logs are made and wrapped by hand. Our aged New York State cheddar is hand-cut and dipped in black wax.


Palatine Valley Dairy, Nelliston, NY


The Mohawk Valley’s one and only cheddar-cheese plant! Try our marvelous sharp and extra-sharp cheddars. Also 40 flavored cheddars, 7 different cheese curds , and 7 cheese spreads.


Painted Goat Farm, Garrattsville, NY

purplelogoOur goat cheeses include a variety of fresh chevre flavored with herbs, pesto, and jam, ricotta, feta, soft-ripened aged, and a semi-soft washed rind.  We also make an authentic dulce de leche (cajeta).

Only milk from our own herd goes into the making of our cheese. Our entire process is done on the farm in an on-site, goat-size milking and cheese processing facility that we built ourselves. The magical transformation from fresh to stunningly earthy and vibrant aged cheese is done naturally in our underground “cave” – twelve feet below ground level.

You can really taste the milk and herbs and abundant care that went into each batch.

Palmer & Brown Jam and Baked Goods, Little Falls, NY

Palmer-and-Brown-Printing-Towelsslice-of-bread-cutting-boardpalmer & brownFruit preserves, utilizing local ingredients. Flavors include Blueberry Vanilla Jam with Cinnamon, Blueberry Lime Jam, Mixed Berry Jam, Strawberry Marsala Jam with Rosemary, and much more. Also: handcrafted wooden wares, screen-printed tea towels.

Poplar Hedge Farm, West Winfield, NY

goatsWe are a small local farm. We milk our own goats (Alpines and LaManchas); their diet is primarily native pasture. We then process our artisan cheese right here: soft, flavored cheeses, feta and havarti, as well as  different flavors of fudge. Our plain goat’s milk feta cheese took first place at the American Dairy Goats Association cheese contest in Portland, Maine!

Promise Land Farm & BBQ, Frankfort, NY

promise land BBQA fast-and-fresh food vendor; your lunch or snack prepared to order. Pulled pork, chicken, burgers and cheeseburgers, BBQ mac-n-cheese. Salt potatoes!


Redco Foods, Inc, Little Falls, NY

junket rennetred rose tea logosalada tea logoSince 1890, when Christian Hansen began producing his cheese rennet in Little Falls, Hansen Island has been at the heart of Mohawk Valley manufacturing. From the first Junket products in 1934 to Salada’s move to the city in 1973 and Red Rose Tea’s arrival in 1988 the plant on the former “Lock Island” has grown to accommodate an ever-wider range of products. Red Rose’s black tea, Salada’s green and white teas, Teekanne’s herbal teas, and Junket’s dessert mixes and rennet products are the product of Mohawk Valley commitment and spirit. Redco Foods, Inc. is proud to call Little Falls home.

Shaw’s Maple Products, Clinton, NY

newyorkstatemapleproducerWe offer our own pure NYS maple syrup along with many maple-related products: maple popcorn, fudge, candy, made-on-site cotton candy, baked goods, maple cream, sugar, seasonings, drop. Also homemade maple dog treats!



Summers End OrchardSummer's End Preserves, Unadilla, NY

Our products bring the bounty of the season to your table! Our preserves are made in small batches of fresh ingredients and sugar. No pectin. No additives. No preservatives. Whenever possible, we grow, pick, or purchase locally the ingredients whose flavors sing out when a jar is opened. Delicious marmalades, jams, and more.

Three Village Cheese Co., Poland, NY

three village havartiA family-run artisan cheese company, founded in 2009 with the goals of making great cheese and supporting Herkimer County’s dairy farmers. Our farmer’s high-quality milk, together with the creativity and hard work of our cheese-makers, creates unique and exclusive cheeses.

Offerings include a range of Havarti choices (classic Danish, dill, Italian herb with sun-dried tomatoes, jalapeno, habanero), Swedish farmer’s cheese, Norwegian nokkelost, Newporter (Swedish Farmer’s Cheese washed with Saranac Chocolate Porter), cascadita* (aged goat cheese based upon the Spanish cheese, Garrotxa).

We are proud to be part of the resurgence of local food produced in the Kuyahoora Valley.

* “cascadita” = is Spanish for…Little Falls! This delicious cheese is a must-try!

Weathertop Farm, Sharon Springs, NY

static1.squarespaceWe grow a wide variety of culinary and medicinal herbs for direct sale and also to make our line of natural wellness and body care products: teas, skin salves, deodorants, herbal extracts, body powders, soaps, and more.

We also grow and forage for numerous types of fruit that we then pick at the peak of ripeness and make into unique and wonderful jam and jelly flavor combinations.

Wild Mountain Apiaries, Barneveld and Cold Brook, NY

wildmtnWe keep bees, process honey, and make fine honey and beeswax products. Our products include: honey and hive products and creamed honey as well as soap.


Windy Hill Goat Dairy, Cherry Valley, NY

windy hillThanks to our goats, we bring you chevre in plain and flavored (garlic, horseradish, onion & chive, herb garden, fig and jalapeno, and more), hard goat cheese, goat milk soap and skin products, and bottled goat milk.


Worldling’s Pleasure, Watervliet, NY

Worldling's PleasureWe are a small, family-owned-and-operated maker of gourmet cheeses, spreads, and artisanal baked goods established in 2007. We make all of our products by hand in small batches to ensure the utmost in quality. Additionally, we use as many ingredients in our cheeses and spreads as possible that are local to the Capital District of Upstate New York–including Herkimer Cheese–thereby supporting the community and guaranteeing the freshness and superior quality of our products.

Zimmer’s Bakes, Weedsport, NYZimmer's

Come by our booth for big cookies and baklava. We feature vegan and gluten-free cheese crackers, brownies and cookies.