our favorite fan mail!

comments from the crowd:


Fantastic festival, fantastic job!!!

Amazing job!!!!!

Congrats to one and all on another well-organized event.  I liked the new layout for the vendor booths.  The music was a plus!!

Thank you for including the Farmers’  Market in your advertising.  It was fun to see people walk through and learn about the market. Another WOW even in “spotty”  rain.


comments from vendors:

Thank you for a wonderful event!

I just wanted to reach out and say thank you again for another wonderful festival. As usual, your team ran a tight ship –– very well organized, very well promoted and very well executed. It was a great day from start to finish! We had a great spot right near the bands, which were excellent all morning and early afternoon.

People attending were very interested and receptive. We were very happy with the advertising that went into promoting the event. Also were very impressed with the volunteer staff that was available. We felt that it was very well run and went very smoothly. Fingers crossed it doesn’t rain next year!

comments from Evensi attendees:

“My whole family went yesterday to the cheese festival in Little Falls and it was very nice. We are cheese lovers and got to sample and buy many different kinds. It was our first time there.”

“I got there before 10:00. The clouds parted, and I found this great stuff. I’ve had them before. Norweigan-style cheese with cumin, cloves, and caraway. Sounds weird, right? It’s delicious. Spanish spices on the other. Made right here in Frankfort NY.”

“I’m coming from Nor Cal. Been planning for months. My first cheese fest!”

“Omg….. I think I’m going to die and go to cheese heaven!”

“Went last year and it was a great festival. Things sold out quickly! Music was neat and the crowd was friendly.”

“Wow lived in that area all those years and never knew it was the cheese Capitol of the USA!”

“We visited the little museum there and they told all about it. It truly was the cheese capitol! Gotta go to the festival this year!”

“Had a great time last year…Can’t wait for next year’s event….Nice work Little Falls…”

 A letter posted on Facebook:
“I originated in Little Falls but have since left, and in 2003 felt that it was a dying town (sorry). I have returned for Canal Days a few times, but have remained convinced that there’s nothing in Little Falls for me anymore.
         However, I have to say that I was tremendously impressed with your Cheese Festival, my first return in about 8 years. The booklet we received was excellent. I enjoyed learning so much history about LF and its cheese history, things I never knew having grown up there. I loved seeing in the booklet a list of all the eateries you have now, and that they had specials for Cheese Festival day (cheese-themed). I read the whole thing while I was there and did the walking tour. I learned a ton about different cheeses, a cultural experience I will cherish.
         The highlight was the cheese demonstration in the community center. I learned enough food science and amazing things in that 45 minutes that I should have had to pay…the demonstrator was knowledgeable and an excellent presenter. He answered a million questions among the spectators with ease.
         We were attracted to the commotion of a new venue when the play was about to start, and I was thrilled to see such a modern entertainment establishment. We enjoyed the little play, and I was warmly filled with hope for this town. I think that you ARE growing and expanding, despite the ever-steady amount of abandoned storefronts on Main Street.
        The historical society was another surprisingly wonderful experience. My husband had to pull me away after an hour because he didn’t want us to be caught in rain on our way to the car, but I intend to return. The woman in charge at the museum gave me professionally-made, visually appealing brochures about the summer 2016 experience in Little Falls, and I have marked each event in my calendar, and I look forward to attending every one!
        Congratulations on turning things around in Little Falls. No matter what the numbers say (I imagine rain contributed to a smaller turnout), your Cheese Festival was a huge success. I sung these praises on Facebook to inform my local friends to be sure to attend this event next year. And maybe someday, I’ll move back home.”