Why cheese, and why Little Falls, New York?

Little Falls was once the cheese capital of the United States. A small branch of the Erie Canal led over an aqueduct to the Little Falls Cheese market, where so much cheese was traded that the price here influenced the price of cheese as far away as Europe.

Cheese production collapsed with World War I, when the milk was diverted to make evaporated milk for the army. At around the same time, refrigerated transport made it possible to send fresh milk to urban markets such as New York City. In recent years, local cheesemaking has seen a revival.

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What are the hours of the festival?

It begins at 10 am and ends at 5 pm, in time for dinner at one of our local restaurants.

Is there an admission fee?

No—it’s free.

We’ve been to festivals in Little Falls at Canal Place and in the big in-town parks…is this festival in one of those locations?

The Little Falls Cheese Festival is not in a park; it is being held along our Main Street. It’s easy to find and there will be signs to guide you as you approach.

What kinds of cheese will be offered?

A wide range of regional artisan and farmstead cheeses—cow, goat, sheep—fresh and aged—tasty combinations and flavorings—more! Please check out the 2018 VENDORS tab for full details! (Tip: bring a cooler or cooler bag for your purchases, or, buy one at the festival.)

Will there be products other than cheese available for sale at the festival?

You bet! There will be plenty of related products, including farm butter, gourmet chocolates, artisanal breads, pastries, crackers, jams, spreads, mustards, honey and much more.

Our local restaurants will get into the swing of things, too: pizza, our hometown specialty, will be offered in several different locations and will give visitors a chance to choose their favorite. Look for luscious, creamy cheesecake, creative cheeseburgers, and other specials.

Is this festival an annual event?

Yes! Oui! This is its fourth year; it just keeps getting better.

How do I get there?

Click here for DIRECTIONS, but the simplest way to reach Little Falls is via the New York State Thruway (Interstate 90), Exit 29A.

Where do I park? Is there a fee or time restriction for parking?

Parking in the City of Little Falls is plentiful and free (no meters, no lots).

What if it rains/is this a “rain or shine” event?

Yes. The festival booths will be sheltered and you can bring an umbrella in the unlikely event of precipitation!

Is there some place in Little Falls to just sit down and eat my cheese and other purchases?

Little Falls has two large public parks with shade trees, picnic tables and benches: Western Park and Eastern Park (both are a short distance from the festival area). Main Street has some “pocket parks” with benches. And Canal Place is a popular walking area, with benches.

Is Little Falls walkable?

Yes. It’s a small city with ample sidewalks and plenty to see and do.

Where can I find public restrooms while in Little Falls?

The festival area will have portajohns, including one with handicapped access.

Where are the nearest other cheese festivals?

The big Vermont Cheesemakers Festival up in Shelburne, Vermont is on Sunday, July 16. You might also be interested in the Finger Lakes Cheese Trail to the west of us, and the Finger Lakes Cheese Festival to be held at the Sunset View Creamery.

Kindly note: although this is an outdoor festival, it is a smoke-free event.

A sampling of Little Falls restaurants and eateries. Many are running cheese-themed Festival-day specials! Take a break or stay after and check one out!

Evening/after-festival entertainment is available!

    • A baseball game with Little Falls’ own Diamond Dawgs. Details here.


If you wish to stay overnight, there’s a range of choices.

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