read a cheesemaker’s blog

The Little Falls Cheese Festival was written up in a local cheesemaker’s blog…please enjoy her vivid descriptions and wonderful enthusiasm.

“Last month, on July 9th, the City of Little Falls hosted a wonderful, charming cheese festival. Our farm had a booth and my whole family (husband Peter, daughters Harper and Margaret), my niece Lexi, and our neighbor’s daughter Kayla, all pitched in for the day. It was exhausting and exciting to talk to so many people about one of my favorite subjects—cheese—and to have them sample virtually every type we make. Clearly, the crowds were drawn for the day because they love cheese, too!

img_4257Long known for their Garlic and Herb Festival (15th year), where festival-goers are encouraged to “eat, stink and be merry” and their almost-week-long Canal Days celebration (now in its 29th year), Little Falls is accustomed to hosting this type of event. The brain child of two non-native Little Falls residents, Alice and Tom Laurenson, the cheese festival required a whole community of volunteers, city officials (including the Mayor and Chief of Police), small business owners, and other non-profit organizations to work together with imagination, passion and a deep well of energy. Congratulations, Little Falls, you have an amazing new event to boast about and should be extremely proud of your citizens and your city!

Besides talking about and eating cheese all day, I also loved seeing so many people that I know, but simply don’t get to see very often. It reminded me of other long-standing events like the Remsen Barn Fest, where the community is drawn together to socialize, see old friends and reconnect. While the original intent of the Little Falls Cheese Festival was to highlight our area’s unique and important place in dairy history and its many talented local cheesemakers, the organizers accomplished so much more than that: they gave the city, its residents and festival attendees a sense of community…a sense of cohesion and belonging that is all-too-rare these days. It may sound silly, but we all experienced a collective “kumbaya” moment over a shared obsession (cheese) and I can’t help but wonder if we aren’t a healthier, stronger community as a result… To read more, please click here.