volunteers had fun, too!

Being a Cheese Festival volunteer is fun, interesting…and gratifying! If you’d like to volunteer for the 2018 festival, we’d love to have more helpers. Please contact us.


Here are some of their comments:

“Once again, congratulations on another successful event.  You should be proud of all the hard work and effort on behalf of Little Falls.  I think the event was bigger and better than years before!!!  As mentioned, while manning the entry booth, I was amazed at the number of people that attended from out of the area.  I tried to question each how they came to find the event.  There were many different stories, but I was most impressed how people complimented what a beautiful City we have!!!  I guess sometimes we take it for granted and you don’t always “see the forest when you are in the trees” as they say.  In any event, we should figure out some way to capture the diversity of travelers that came and their comments to use for future testimonials for not only the event, but ways to attract others to LF.       All the best and congratulations to the Big Cheeses!”

“Thanks for asking me—I was happy to help out. Keep me in mind for the future.”

“What a great festival! I really enjoyed walking around and picked up 4 delicious different cheeses that I shared with our houseguests from Seattle.”

“The booth was easy and I was happy to help.  Good work once again on the Festival! another fantastic job!”

“It was a wonderful festival!! Even with the very strange weather, it was great.”

“Great festival, I’ve already signed up for 2018.”


“Congrats again on running a wonderful cheese festival!  I’m so glad I got to see it in action!”

“Thanks, it was fun.  So happy I moved to Little Falls!”

“Great job!  It was a wonderful success! We had fun.”

“I was very happy to help and am looking forward to my time on the committee! What an amazing turnout!!”

“We so enjoyed volunteering for the Festival!”