Watch a play! “Where’s the Cheese Board?”

Where's the Cheese Board?Mystery, romance, jealousy and cheese! Mac Blac’s back, and Cressida’s got him. But does she have him? What’s happening in Little Falls? Who are these strangers who’ve come to town? Why is everyone in a stir? Learn the answers to these questions and many more at LiFT Theatre’s production of the new play, “Where’s the Cheese Board?”, which is presented as part of this year’s 3rd Little Falls Cheese Festival on Saturday, July 8 at 11:30 am at The Shop, located 590 East Main Street.

Written by Little Falls resident Angela Harris and directed by Matt Powers, also of Little Falls, this new work is the latest in a series of “cheese plays” which feature the work of Mr. Mac Blac, the only Professional Problem Solver in the Little Falls Phone Book. Aided by his assistant, Cressida, Mr. Blac steps in when needed to solve the little problems in Little Falls before they become big ones. From his office, high above Main Street in the Snyder Apartments, Mac brings a level head and an investigator’s skill, usually helping with the problems that are brought to his door. Following “Where’s the Cheese?” from the first festival and “Where’s the Big Cheese?” from the second festival, “Where’s the Cheese Board?” starts on a golden autumn day in Little Falls only to see out-of-town visitors stir things up on Main Street.

Cheese picBob Gassmann returns as Mac; Katie Drake is Cressida; Al McDowell continues his role as The Announcer, and Oscar Stivala is “The Man with the Horn.” Tom Stock re-creates the local businessman, Harry DaVinci, while Ginny Clapp returns and dithers through the role of Wilma. Craig Lockwood is her friend Justin, one of the “young punks in hoodies,” her friends from the Happen’ Inn. Kim Snow is newcomer SantaFe Bennett who brings trouble when she walks into Mr. Blac’s office.

As part of the Cheese Festival, this performance is free to the public, sponsored by the Festival and LiFT Theatre. There is no ticket charge, however donations are welcome! For more information, please see the ‘LiFT Theater Company’ Facebook page or visit